Ductile And SG Iron Castings

One of the first things that can cause confusion when discussing ductile iron, or attempting to source it, is the varied number of ways it can be described. Because of its age and wide geographical spread many terms, sometimes local in nature, have grown up. All of the above terms can be used to describe the material. The terms nodular and spheroidal are used because the graphite forms spheres in the final structure.

Cast Iron Castings

A Rope Thimble in Ductile Iron to ISO 1083/JS/450-10/S. This casting will be supplied galvanised to give corrosion protection in a salt water environment

Cast Iron Castings

Ductile Iron Castings


If molten cast iron is allowed to cool normally the carbon comes out of solution and forms flakes of graphite which run through the ferrite/pearlite matrix, hence the alternative term, flake graphite iron. If the molten iron is treated, usually with Ferro Silicon Magnesium, prior to casting the graphite solidifies as spheres rather than flakes and nodular or ductile iron is formed.

Ductile Iron Standards - Timeline

  • Spheroidal Graphite Iron
  • Spheroidal Nodular Graphite Iron
  • Nodular Iron
  • Ductile Iron
  • SG Iron

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